Monday, December 8, 2014

Evelyn's 6 & 7 Months plus Thanksgiving and Tree Decorating

Thanksgiving at Aunt Tara's house.
Aunt Lori helped the kids make a pom-pom shooter!

Evie's 6 month photos were a little crazy with all the other kids photo bombing, but that's real life!

Getting our Christmas tree decorated yesterday. Kent toiled for many hours replacing all the burned out bulbs on our tree.

Evie's 7 month pictures were taken this morning! She is growing like crazy and is so so sweet!

She is babbling  a lot and thinks her tongue is the funnest thing.
Camera strap snatched!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Rest of October

Happy Halloween! These are a little out of order, but here goes!
We had such a beautiful, warm night for trick or treating!
 Indiana Jones, Violet from the Incredibles, a tiger, Beth, and a lion.
She fell asleep like this!
Evie is big enough to sit in a high chair now.
Carving our pumpkins was hard because they were so thick.

Miss Tiger at the school parade.

Got that wild mane into a pony tail!
Clara enjoyed a PB and marshmallow sandwich at uncle Bryan's house.
We visited my brother's family in Pasco, WA during fall break.
We had a great time playing at this fun park by the Colombia river.

Some cousins.

Check out her red hair and bald spot!

Evie and cousin Preston.
Clara and Aunt Brenda throwing rocks in the river.

Playing a game of horse.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Update

Matt and Anna are getting to be excellent cookie cooks!
These soft Oreos are my kryptonite!
Clara the ballerina-cowgirl-cookie monster.
I took this picture of Evie next to a giant can of nacho cheese for scale purposes.
We got to go to Lagoon a few nights ago.

Clara loved all the kid rides, and her older siblings were nice enough to go along with her.

I can't believe how the months are flying by! Evie is 5 months old today!

On a  recent trip to the Curiosity museum, the kids got super wet in the outdoor fountain.
I've got two arms full of babies...I love it!