Saturday, October 11, 2008

The challenge is complete

Yesterday, Bethany and I completed the last day of the hundred push up challenge. It's great motivation to do something hard like that with a committed partner. It is a lot of fun, too! Our routine over the last 6+ weeks of driving through the challenge has been to watch a show (we've been catching up on the newer Battlestar Galactica via Netflix) and do the pushups during the commercial breaks (or at least where they would be...). This provides a nice break betwixt sets.

Now I'm thinking we'll start the program over so that we can maintain the strength that we've gained this first time through the program. Then on top of the maintenance on our upper bodies we'll convert the program to a simultaneous hundred sit up challenge to whittle away at our flabby torsos.

It's nice to see the comments and see that all this technology can attract long lost family and friends like c.l. It gets me remembering lots of latent, good memories that make up who I am today. It also makes me wonder how people find our little, tiny plot in cyberspace. It will be interesting to see who we can (re)connect with over time.

Bethany has had a cold the past couple of days, but she continues to keep the house and the kids in shape. She's great. :D


Tara McLean Derricott said...

She IS great!!! I'm proud of you guys, and can't wait to see your amazing new muscles!

KL said...

I am very impressed. I do not think I could do 10 pushups in a row, let alone 100!!

I too cannot wait to see all your new found muscles! If you find anymore, send some my way!

- Tristin - said...

I'm MORE impressed at the word BETWIXT! :D That's gonna be my new word of the day! HA! Keep it up guys... You're a motivation to us all!

Davis Family said...

Too bad Beth is sick :( hope she feels better soon. WOW, good job on the push ups, and good luck with the sit ups.

denkarmcl said...

Wait just a dad-burn minute. You are giving the impression that you have done 100 pushups in a row but I know that you have done 100 TOTAL in 6 weeks. Right?
Way to go. Corngratulations.
I am going to do pushbacks...instead of so many forklifts. Thanks for a great weekend... but we were snowed out of Yellowstone...
Love the old Dad ... and whatever Mom is.

C.L. said...

I can hardly do one pushup. Way to go! Maybe I will get in on it! Sorry Bethany is sick. It's amazing what we moms and wives can do even when we feel yucky. That's awesome that you recognize that :)

Tell the kiddos happy Halloween :)