Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Super Anniversary Fun Times

Today is Kent any my 9th wedding anniversary! I asked him this morning if he really remembers much about the actual wedding day, and he said "yeah, some". Very cryptic. One thing that stands out in my own memory is being very relived that he showed up. Ha ha! I mean, why would I worry about that? Look how cute I am! Plus I know about Baz Lurhmann.
Since the big anniversary is on a Tuesday, we went out last week to celebrate. We went to this new museum called the "Leonardo". They have all kinds of cool art, and  science-y stuff.

This is Kent trying out a prosthetic hand that worked by sensing muscle movements in your arm. Either that, or he's practicing his Dr. Frankenstein. "It's Alive!!".
Hey! I was there!

The Leonardo is right next to the Salt Lake Library, and you can walk up this stair case to the roof of the building.

Of course we had to finish up the date by eating much meat at Tucanos. Yum!