Sunday, July 27, 2008

The biggest loser?

At work last year, the engineering department had an informal 'Biggest Loser' competition for anyone that wanted to participate. For those not in the know with bad "reality" television, The Biggest Loser is a show where a bunch of fat people compete to see who can lose the most overall weight and win the grand prize -- money to spend on food...

But anyway, they decided to do it again this year, except that this year it's company-wide and sponsored. So, this year, they can afford a scale that can measure a person's body fat index, and hopefully offer a better prize than last year. I don't even know what the prize was last year, so it couldn't have been terribly enticing. Also this year, the competition will go from August to April of next year. What this means to me is that there's a chance for those that are serious to make some lifestyle changes rather than binge dieting then binge eating.

While I don't think I'm FAT, I recognize that I'm a tad on the pudgy side (or both sides, really). So, I've decided that I'm going to participate in this Biggest Loser competition. I probably won't win, because I've seen the competition and they're going to be much bigger losers than I am by virtue of them being much BIGGER losers already. Uh Huh. I'll be cutting out some of my basic food groups: soda pop, M&Ms, etc. To do that, I'm going to keep a daily food diary to record everything that ends up in my stomach via my mouth. We'll see how it goes.


denkarmcl said...

Good luck! I want to join the "big loser" fun. (I just bought a bunch of chocolate-covered almonds at Costco today.)

C.L. said...

Oooo, good luck with that. My hubby and I have participated in something similar to that but ours only ever lasts 6 weeks, and with my occupation, we always end up back at or near the same weight. We are yo-yos in so many senses of the word :(