Monday, July 21, 2008

We took the opportunity to go to Payson Lake with a friend from work and his wife. It was nice. It's a long, winding drive up Payson Canyon. I was surprised by the volume of people that were there. They just kept coming. We stayed long enough for the kids to get a little wet, eat a few hot dogs, and each have a s'more.

I was also surprised to realize that I had been there before. I believe it was when Bethany and I were dating. Her family went up on a weekend, and I tagged along.

After returning from the lake, we made a quick couple of stops in town and headed home. I replaced some sprinkler nozzles, pulled some weeds, and trimmed the lawn edges while Bethany mowed the lawn. She's awesome like that.

We also watched Batman Begins on our El Largo TV on HD-DVD. We're excited to go see The Dark Knight, but didn't go this weekend. We've become addicted to seeing movies on the IMAX screen when they're available in that format. It's awesome to see a movie in the theater when the heads on the screen are bigger than your car. All you can see is the movie, and that experience is much more immersive than the "normal" movie-going experience.

We're hoping to get tickets this weekend to TheDark Knight, and we'll be taking my brother and the same friend/wife combo that we went to the lake with.

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denkarmcl said...

I remember us (Denny & I) going for a drive and a little hike in Payson Canyon with Uncle Mike & Aunt Chris just a day or two before Lori was born. We have pictures to prove it. Fun times!