Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Snake Stuff

I must have snakes on the brain or something.

Pros: No messy fur on the furniture,and no annoying barking. Cons: What(or who) does it eat?


KL said...

Maybe you are part snake? Seriously, that is SICK!

denkarmcl said...

Denny and I saw the most incredible thing on AnimalPlanet yesterday. There was this ordinary looking snake that climbed a tree by slithering up the bark and out onto the end of a limb. Then it lowered its front body and arched up and JUMPED 300 ft. to the next tree!!!!! I have NEVER seen anything like that before!!!!! My mouth is still gaping open in awe!

- Tristin - said...

He's probably not very good at fetch either! :D "HERE, LUCKY!" WHOA! That's crazy!