Monday, August 25, 2008

Bear Lake & Back

This past week the kids and I drove up to Bear Lake to go camping with my family. My brother Bryan and his family drove down from Washington and Anna and Matt had a great time playing with some of their cousins. Bear Lake is a really fun place to take kids because it has a sand beach and the water is shallow. So we spent the first day at the beach playing in the water and building sand castles.
The next day my sister, Sarah, and I made a treasure hunt for the kids, and they had a great time finding the treasure-they had so much fun that after they found their treasure they made another treasure hunt for the grown-ups to do!
Later that day we all went on a hike on the limber pine trail. On Thursday we were going to go to the beach again, but it was so windy! So we drove home to find...a giant pile of wood chips in the driveway! Oi! So I spent Friday and Saturday shoveling wood chips and doing laundry! But we had a great time on our camping trip-It was great to see everybody.
This last picture is the view of the lake from our campground.


denkarmcl said...

It sounds like a wonderful time...the kind of vacation our McLean family would have enjoyed together. The pictures of the kids are so cute!!

Lori Jolley said...

Yay! You have a blog! The kids are growing so fast! Your vacation looks fun!

Grandpa Davis said...

The time spent with all the grandkids and grown kids was totally awesome. It was so nice to see the cousins get to know each other better and having so much fun together. Especially Kaylee who loved having a girl to play with. They were real troopers on the hike.
The treasure map and treasure box that Beth and Sarah made were so fun and funny.
I love the pictures that you posted, especially the one with Anna standing on what looks like a ridge overlooking a mountainous valley. Great composition! The last one of the sunrise over Bear Lake is worthy of a post on KSL.
Sorry about the wind on Thursday, it was like being sandblasted. But, the next day at the beach was absolutely idyllic. It was like being on a Carabbean island. The weather and water were perfect.
Thanks for taking the effort to come and thanks to Kent for letting them come.