Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Following the Rules

This is Anna eating breakfast while watching cartoons. She is not allowed to eat in the living room, so she scooted her chair as close to the living room as possible while still technically in the kitchen. That girl is great!
Summer is coming to a close. You can tell because just when it has finally cooled down enough to allow our lawn to be green again, the kids (not our kids, the neighborhood kids) have resumed trampling our lawn on thier way to and from school. Not only are we on a corner lot near the elementary school so lazy 5th graders cut across the lawn, we are lucky enough to be the bus stop for the middle and high schoolers who shuffle off the bus each day with their slouchy pants and cell phones. I never thought I'd turn into that old person who is always yelling at kids to get off their lawn-but I have been seriously contemplating purchasing some water ballons and putting them to good use!


Tony Derricott said...

Sounds like it's time for some fencing or corner landscaping.

C.L. said...

That is hilarious! My youngest does stuff like that...they are WAY smarter than most adults give them credit for!