Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back in Time

Lately I have decided to start taking more pictures with my "real" camera--my big SLR. In my camera bag I found a roll of film that I took last September when we were visiting the in laws in Hamilton, Montana. There are a few pictures of the parade we went to that was celebrating the opening of the Ravalli County fair. The great thing about small town parades are that they are A)short. B)you can always find a good spot. C)everything is considered a "float" from tractors to truck beds. D)you get lots of candy. and last but not least, they are E)short. There are a couple of other photos of the kids playing at the park etc.


Davis Family said...

I'm so glad you are taking some pictures again, you are SO talented. I had fun looking at the pictures of your kids.

denkarmcl said...

That was de ja vu all over again! You kids really missed out on a great parade this year. It was not short and there was tons of candy!