Sunday, May 10, 2009

Still Haven't Seen Star Trek

Kent and I still haven't seen the new Star Trek movie, but here's some other stuff we have been doing in the mean time...

Lately the kids think the most fun thing to do is to take everything they own and shove it into their play tent. This would not be a problem, except they never wanted to help clean up. So I finally got fed up with this routine and repo'd all their toys and the tent. Aaaahhh... the play room was nice and clean for about a day and then they discovered that it was just as much fun to pile up all their bedding and pull all their clothes out of their dressers and pile those up too! Who needs toys! (insert huge sigh here).

Speaking of hairy situations, I got a new haircut! I haven't had bangs since 1991-we're talking waaay back to the first war in Iraq, the super NES was tops, and Arnold was still the Terminator. Anna took this picture of me-not too shabby!

We went kite flying yesterday to test out the rhomboid box kite my parents made, the kids flew some little kites too.

We went up to the top of this hill that is popular with hang gliders-definitely some good wind there!

Anna and my sister Sarah

Matt and Grandpa Davis

View from the top of the hill.

My Dad winding the string to his kite. I didn't get a picture of the kite, but it is pretty cool!

Until next time remember, "I signed aboard this ship to practice medicine, not to have my atoms scattered back and forth across space by this gadget." -- McCoy


Davis Family said...

The hair looks great

The kite flying looks fun

The kids messes are so normal


I am not thrilled about my atoms being scattered across space either, but it seems my kids will try me until it happens ;)

Michelle said...

LOVE your hair, LOVE your blog, so glad I found you!

Tara McLean Derricott said...

Your bangs look really cute!!!! Thanks so much for getting those spice jars for me! You can just give them to Mom in a few weeks instead of shipping them... and thanks again for picking them up... I know it's not easy to take two little ones on those kinds of errands. You're the best!

Karren McLean said...

I like your bangs. They're really cute. What fun to go to a windy hill to fly kites.